Come and see me at the New Calgary Farmers’ Market West!

I will be displaying for three weeks from May 31, 2023 to June 18, 2023 for Father’s Day.
Sharing space with me is Don West, a master wood turner, who is now selling his collection. You must come and see his art work, it is fantastic!

Custom Art Pieces

Custom Art

Below  is some information detailing some of my designs if you are interested in learning more.

Engraving the Crosses by hand, each letter puts me in a world that is hard to describe. The feeling I get when carving the words is extremely powerful. 

The crosses are unique in distressing and coloration. Available in both wall mount and free standing with stone bases.

There are times throughout the years where I am satisfied with my cribbage board inventory. Or I was just tried of drilling holes! I was inspired by a Japanese artist that mounted small driftwood pieces onto intricately carved bases. This resulted in a few trips to Vancouver Island to search for driftwood.

Port Renfrew in 1990 is vastly different from today. There were no amenities other than a bar, that had a few rooms above. Some of the rooms had no doors and the communal bathroom was at the end of the hall. It was the beach on the bay that was the draw. The driftwood was pilled 8 feet high and 20 feet deep and went for miles. It was unbelievable and a ridiculous challenge with rain, tides and the cold in the spring.

There were exceptional finds despite all of the issues including trying to manhandle wood that was soaking wet. Some of the spectacular pieces are shown in my gallery. Several of the pieces have been used as props in movie productions. I enjoy the creative process that allows me to use my imagination to see what the driftwood can become.

The driftwood pieces are one of a kind and vary in finishes, mounts and sizes.

The Inukshuk’s were the result of the myriad pieces of wood that didn’t make it into cribbage boards. I made a point of boxing all the knotty weird pieces and cutoffs which were way to cool for firewood.

My dear friend Glenn and I started out one day piling up different types of wood on top of one another. It was fun to go through my supply and think of how each piece could be shaped. It became a challenge not to repeat a species of wood in a sculpture keeping in mind that the colors were going to contribute to the overall design.

There are many aspects of building the Inukshuk’s that are tedious including the shaping of each piece, the sanding, the assembly and the lacquering. It is very rewarding when the end result is a totally unique one of a kind work of art that I am proud to have created.

The Inukshuk’s come in heights from 10 to 28 inches with the larger pieces containing as many as 24 individual pieces.

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