About the Artist


I made my first cribbage board for my grandfather when I was seventeen. It was a high school shop project, a pine table with mahogany trim. I can fondly remember my relatives playing spirited games on this piece. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan; perhaps the cold prairie winters helped me develop a true love for the game of cribbage. This has led me to my current interest in producing custom hand carved wooden cribbage boards for over 25 years.

I live in Calgary, Alberta and the western influence shows itself in many of my pieces. Cowboy boots, guitars, log cabins, horseshoes and rope edges – there are endless possibilities. I usually carry an extensive selection of wood burls and slabs including walnut, cedar, maple, yew, fir and Birdseye maple. I also have abstract designs with extensive carving including bridges, hills, rocks, undulating surfaces and water features.

A large percentage of my work is custom orders. With custom boards the sky is the limit. Your cribbage board can be also anything you can imagine, within reason!! My boards are great service awards or gifts or recognition for employees. Imagine your corporate logo hand carved on a beautiful custom cribbage board.

My cribbage boards are each a piece of functional art work. Even those boards in limited additions are unique as to color, wood grain, carving and texture. Each board comes with either a set of unique metal pegs or a custom set of brass pegs hand ground to an exact fit. All boards have peg storage and the larger pieces have a drawer for the cards and pegs. Each board is dated, signed and completed in a furniture lacquer finish.

I would like to sincerely thank my past and present supporters, many of whom have become dear friends. Perhaps years from now your board(s) will hold as many cherished memories as my first one does. One of my greatest satisfactions is in knowing that my cribbage boards will last generations and be handed down for all to enjoy.

Good luck and happy pegging!